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rick was born in a poor fishing village on the coast of Iceland. His birth had been foretold by the village drunk....but alas, nobody paid much attention so he was born.

After an unremarkable life mending nets and herding seagulls, he was unable to endure the smell of herring for one more season. At a young age, when his Mamman taught him to draw mackerel portraits and design Barbie outfits, rick had been drawn to the exciting world of fine arts. From these homespun beginnings began a life of adventure, misfortune, fortune, misfortune again and various other mishaps and lucky turns. First displaying his genius as an actor, writer, magician, comic and ballet dancer. In his middle years, (66 being the new 35), he returned to his roots.......the visual arts.

 "Nothing is quite as personal as a handmade portrait of a special pet, a loved one, or a mackerel"                                          Mamman                                                                  


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